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February 2019

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 Le concert et les événements à venir

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PostSubject: Le concert et les événements à venir   Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:12 pm

There she stood, within the formally entitled: Piano Theatre, Nadia Enchanter, before the entire audience of averagely twenty thousand people; the small digits fluxuating from some coming and going; unaware to her. Although she were performing in a Pianist theatre she played another musical instrument, this space was just for the night's use. The spotlight was on her. Her hair brilliantly shining. It's silky smoothe texture complimented the lusterous shine of the strands that flowed gloriously from her head. The dress that veiled her slender figure swayed with slight lag to her motions that led her body; ankles and up, from side to side. Music filled the air of the dark hall. The only light that was present was the spotlight, all else was black except for probably several beady eyes in the distance from her stand where the light reflected in small pieces. No words arose from her for there was no need, only music from the instrument professionally held in her hands. This was a charity concert that she had agreed to perform in on behalf of those less fortunate than herself. The occasional cough came from the people in the seats that almost encircled this stage she stood upon but that did not phase her.

Her mind was focused utterly on performing for those in the crowd that lingered almost silently in the darkness. The bow was held, with fingers almost touching and slightly curved in an almost seeming comfortable position. The wrist was held high while the elbow positioned low. The notes that arose from the gliding of the bow against the strings of the violin was soft, beautiful, fluttery and cheerful. The concert was almost coming to a close. Some in the crowd knew this as she moved on to the final tune that was to be played as politely stated in the small pamphlets handed to almost each guest that arrived here this night. This tune was.. faster. Such a tun could be used in a celebration. Her feet moved..all that was really seen of her feet were her the almost bare bottom of them for the dress she wore was rather long.

A spin here, a twirl there, the tune never stopped nor skipped a note. The more she spun the more her dress rose but decently. Her hair also moved with her, lagging the same way her dress did and lifting in the same manner as well. Her talent was superb but sometimes.. in the back of her mind when she sits home in her room alone.. she wonders if it's all a wasted effort needless to say she does enjoy playing her instrument but it is merely a thought that comes to every so often.
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Le concert et les événements à venir
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