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[IMPORTANT] Please read the weaponry announcement posted in the 'Important Topics' forum
February 2019

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 Must read (Weapons's)

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Kite Glyph (Admin)
Kite Glyph (Admin)

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PostSubject: Must read (Weapons's)   Wed Jul 15, 2009 12:59 pm

dear people of infinite Discovery this is your Admin speaking."It has come to my attention that no one is using the weapon shop area of the forum. I would prefer use to use such things. This is a main part of the forum, and should be as important as the rest.A rookie beginning would be the best option. Voice your opinion in the ideas and suggestion area. Note(That I'm giving till tomorrow afternoon to agree or disagree.Then ill tally the vote's if no vote's or cast then I will assume that you all agree and will ask you to set all weapons to rookie level.As everyone knows you can buy as many weapons as you want but how many can your char actually carry?Starting now depending on the size of the weapon you can only carry.

Sword is a 2 equip
Spear 2 equip
Halberd 2 equip
Dagger's 4 equip
Throwing weapon's 4 equip.
Staff is a 2 equip.

If I left anything out please Pm me.And if you do not like this idea put it in ideas and suggestion's your opinion is important really I'm not just saying that.

Thank you

Signed. Admin
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Must read (Weapons's)
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