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February 2019

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 The Gladiator Arena! Advertising Maccabee's Artillery *EVENT*

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PostSubject: The Gladiator Arena! Advertising Maccabee's Artillery *EVENT*   Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:09 am

The crowd roared as the defending champion stepped forth. A man with no name but his alias as properly and officially given has been: Asheroth. The man took several steps into the very center of this arena where the perimeters were lined with hundreds, maybe even thousands of spectators. Bids were placed but on who, only they knew. He raised his left hand, egging on the crowd. "RAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He shouted. Doing a fragmented three-hundred and sixty degree turn to acknowledge the entire audience. The dusty floor was blood stained here and there from past events and duels that have occured in this very same arena; some stains were caused by him. This muscular man who stood a strikingly average height of at least six foot soon lowered his hand as the crowd slowly hushed.

There were some mumbles here and there from those who were overly excited and could not remain silent but he was not to properly judge nor act on. The kin of Eden attended. The gladitor events were one of his most favorite sports to attend to. Four extremely powerful mystics stood on all four of his corners, ready to defend and counter all attacks that would cause harm to their king. In fact, a small horse fly drifted on toward the box seat where the throne was properly shaded. The insect was suddenly fried. Combustion took effect and the insect dropped. One of the mystics had casted a minor spell; to them, on the horse fly. Their druid cloaks motioned in the winds as they too observed Asheroth.

He wore the following:

Dagger of Darkness (Stationed on his right thigh. Enchanted to produce countering elemental effects of the offensive.)
beautifully detailed Dagger of Darkness Comes with Hardwood wall plaque and Leather Scabbard Overall Length:

20-1/2" Blade Length: 14" Blade Material: Stainless Steel Fancy Etched, sharp Handle Material: Cast metal trim with molded black nylon handle Leather Custom Fited Scabbard & Hardwood Plaque

Bleach Ichigo Shikai "Cutting Moon" Zangetsu Sword 52" (stationed on his backside at a horizontal angle in line with his waist)
Zanpakuto Specs:

Overall Length: 52"
Dual Tone Black And Silver Color
Nylon Cloth Wrapped Handle

Black Swept Hilt Rapier(Stationed on his back at an angle. Enchantment of extremely high mana output)
equipped with a 36 1/2"" stainless steel blade with a mirror finish. The wire wrapped grips are surrounded by twisted steel creating authentic appeal to each colelctible. Includes leather blade sheath. 44"" overall.

The Dark Rose Medieval Armor (Enchanted to better absorb heavy impacts to the body)
Originally conceived for fencing this armor is now mostly sold for weddings and special occasions. It is light weight and very comfortable to wear. It is made with a sort black leather with a padded middle cross adorned with brass rivets.

Adler greaves (Enchanted to triple speed and leg strength. )
20 gauge polished stainless steel fantasy greaves with re-enforcement lines.

Alfred vambrace (Enchanted to increase arm strength ten fold or more. Channel third-party mana through arms and hands)
Sensational medieval bracer with polished 20 gauge stainless steel and reinforcement lines set on a rigid 12oz blackened leather. Ready to accommodate any elbow cop.

Elenor elbow cop (Not enchanted)
Able to withstand any blows, this polished 20 gauge stainless steel medieval fantasy elbow cop with rigid 13oz leather liner can be used for any S.C.A. or L.A.R.P. without worries.

Galactus Visor (Not enchanted)
Polished 20 gauge stainless steel winged visor with thick 9oz burgundy leather highlights. Leather strap with buckle adjustments fit and size head. This visor was made to be worn over a chain mail coif to enhance the look and improve protection without the weight and the heat of a great helm.

The man's attire and weaponry consisted of gear only created from Maccabee's Artilery. He called forth. "Who dares challenge me!? Any of you!?!?" Pointing randomly into the crowd. His hands beat against his chest as he became more and more hyped with impatience. "COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Shouting even louder, awaiting a challenger.

The king stepped forth on his boxed location. He rose a hand and everyone grew silent. "I declare this Advertisement of the weaponry of Maccabee's to officially begin. May the one to defeat fellow noble Asheroth obtain any ONE item on his person. The fights will be to the death and may the best man stay alive. An additional insentive will be a bonus one-thousand(1,000) gil as reward money. Now, fight!" the king had spoken. The crowd stood up in a complete uproar, almost a riot in sounds and shouts. Asheroth was ready for anyone.
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The Gladiator Arena! Advertising Maccabee's Artillery *EVENT*
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