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February 2019

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 Summons and the need to know's to get them.

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PostSubject: Summons and the need to know's to get them.   Fri Jul 24, 2009 10:51 am

Everyone To be fair we are allowing people to start off with 1 of 4 summons note whoever you choose you will not be able to get the other 3 thank you.

Fenrir(start off)Moon Song
Fenrir's Moon Song causes multiple images of your characters to appear, making the next two physical attacks on each character miss.

Warp:Warps outside a dungeon, or escape from a battle M.P cost:20

X-Zone:Attempts to remove all enemies form the battlefield M.P cost:53

Stop:Stops the target's for a period of time.M.P cost:10

Bismark:(Start off)
Sea Song
Bismark swims past all enemies istriking them with a weak water-elemental attack.

Crusader:(Start off)
Crusader inflicts a small non-elemental attack on enemies and the party.

Golem:(Start off)
Earth Wall
The Golem will protect the party from all physical attacks,for 3 turns.
Safe:Physical damage cut by 1/3 on one character M.P cost:12

Stop:Stops the target's M.P. cost:10

People everyone can get these summons so do not worry if someone else get's them first.)

Choco/Mog(lvl1 needed)Found in the marshlands.

Ifrit(lvl5 needed) Dessert Cave.

Quezacotl(lvl3 needed)Dream's End Entrance.

Ramuh(lvl5 needed)Grasslands surrounded by giant lightning bolt's must have cure.)

Shiva(lvl3 needed)Grasslands.Marshes

Valefor(lvl3 needed)Flatland's.Sky.(Lightning needed)

Siren(lvl6 needed)Center of the marshland's gaurded by a giant serpent.

Brother's Sacred and Minotaur(Lvl8 needed)Matriarch cave's center of the maze.

Diablos(Lvl10 needed)Sacred urn on headmaster's desk found in the Mage's Academy.

Carbuncle(lvl13 needed)Flower forest gaurded by the master tree found in the forest.

Kujata(lvl18 needed)Found sleeping in the Flower Forest.

Leviathan(lvl25 needed)Sacred Ocean.

Typhon(lvl30 needed)Found In the Flower Forest must have Leviathon and Kujata first.

Pandemona(lvl34 needed)Flat lands surrounded by a giant tornado.

Cerberus(Lvl42 needed)Gaurding the gates of Eden

Hades(lvl45 needed)Under the Sacred Ocean.Must have Leviathan.

Alexander(Lvl50 needed)Under the Forge

Doom Train(lvl57 needed)Driving around Dreams end.

Titan(lvl61 needed)Found slumbering in the Matriarch Caves Must have Cerberus and Alexander.

Bahamut(Lvl64 needed)Volcano Mountain.

Cactuar(Lvl 69 needed)Heart Desert.

Tonberry(Lvl 71 needed)Flower Forest.

Bahamut Zero(Lvl 73 needed)Top clock tower of Eden City'

Eden(lvl75)Cosmos throne.

Ixion(lvl80 needed)Cosmos throne.

Yojimba(lvl86 needed)Center of Volcano mountain.

Phoenix(lvl89 needed)Located in the Dessert buried in the sand's Must have Ixion and Odin.

Neo Bahamut(Lvl92 needed)Soaring high in the flat land's must have a airship.

Anima(lvl96 needed)Center of Dreams end.

Knights of the Round Table(lvl99 needed)Eden City under the Warriors Academy

Magus Sisters(Must have won 3 tournament's)

Odin(must win 6 tournament's)(Note this summon can not be summoned but show's up on it's own.

These other summonings are special and will not be able to receive them unless you have other summonings to get them,)

Adrammelech(Quezacotl,Ramuh,Ixion needed.)

Belias(Ifrit,Bahamut,Phoenix needed.)

Chaos(Valafor,Typhon,Pandemona,Doom Train needed.)

Cuchulainn(Choco/Mog,Cactuar,Tonberry needed)

Exodus(Alexander,Cerberus,Carbuncle needed.)

Famfrit(Leviathan,Hades,Eden needed)

Hashmal(Brother's Sacred and Minotaur,Titan,)

Mateus(Shiva,Yojimba needed.)

Shemhazai(Diablos,Bahamut needed)

Ultima(Neo Bahamut,Kujata needed)

Zalera(Anima,Alexander,Eden needed)

Zeromus*(Knights of the Round Table,Phoenix needed,)

Zodiark(Anima,Magus Sisters,Odin and 3 more tournament wins needed.)\
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Summons and the need to know's to get them.
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